Money face

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back with new post >.< .. Sry guys, didn't update frequently. It's dead for almost 2 months. I aimed to update once every week but haih..

Anyway, I found something interesting from my email few days ago. As mentioned in the title, I was that money face~ Oh yes, but not being greedy, just playing with some currency notes. Taking those face figures on the notes to match your face and then take photo of it.

I should have got someone or something to hold the notes for me. You will know what I mean if you hold it yourself. XD

Phone down, internet down, but i survived..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've delayed my schedule of updating my blog due to the unstable mobile broadband connection recently. It happened since last Saturday. At first I thought the new location i moved in caused the problem like weak signal. But hopefully I can get the photos uploaded here. Oh ya, I moved out again from Vic Park last friday. The Nomad - that's what my friend called me..

Black arrow shows my house, inside blue line is Curtin.

The photo is quite blur. Anyway my house now is nearer to Curtin compared to previous houses i stayed. It takes about 15 min walking to campus, but now I use bike about 5 mins to reach there. It's fun to play Google Earth, try it. Back to the connection, I realized I'm not the only one facing this problem, few of my friends too. It still doesn't get any better.

Besides, my phone not working after i charged for whole night and the icon 'empty battery' still there. It got me so frustrated that I had to bring it for service about 1 week started yesterday. Luckily still under warranty. So currently I'm using my old Nokia.

My 1st shot with Nokia cam after so many years. XD

My friend said this double shot coffee (forget the name..) can let you stay awake for whole day after you drink it. This happened to his friend when she drank it during noon tea time and couldn't sleep until 6am the next morning. But it didn't work for me, only sober for few hours. 0.0

BBQ in Erica Underwood for early celebration of Theo's Birthday.

Own made satay.

Since the arrival of Shirlene to Perth, we planned to celebrate birthday for Theodore early in his flat on Monday (it's like 1 month earlier.. lol). We had our small BBQ party but just for about 1 or 2 hours when the rain came. =.=
Luckily we had roasted and eaten most of the food. Then we had a birthday cake surprise for Theo, unfortunately I don't have any photos and videos for it. (plz refer other blogs if they got 1.. hehe)

Now I really hope my phone and internet connection back soon. And money. I'm broke now.. T_T

Free weeks begin, as well as my enjoyment :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Last Saturday went to To To Vietnamese Restaurant in Vic Park with Alvin. We both ordered different Vietnamese dishes and drinks. I tried to take photo and asked Alvin what he had ordered, he forgot.

I can't remember mine too. >.<

This is what Alvin had ordered and I forgot to take photo for mine =.=


Spot the differences.. XD

I think overall for the food, drink, service etc. is nice. For the rating I give 8 out of 10. It's recommended for those who love or want to try Vietnamese foods should visit this restaurant.

As mentioned from the title, my journey of these free weeks just began.
After finished my stupid assignment part with few lines this morning, I'm so desperate that I rushed to Burswood which I haven't been there since my birthday. =P

Before I tried my luck in the entertainment complex, I went to the restaurant in there called The Emporium for my lunch (
+ breakfast ... ).
The food I ordered is not too expensive and reasonable compared to those sold outside.

Wok Combination Medium.

What interesting is that over 90% of the customers are old people. However, it's not surprised that old people monopolize the entertainment complex. Most of them are pensioners and they spend their leisure time here.

Inside The Emporium.

Oh ya, how's my luck? Pretty bad at first. Lost 110 and I felt completely down.
Changed another table and thank God, I got back what I lost. Earned that 47 times of what I'd bet and that was the bet I never won before. For those who played it before will know what i meant.

$25 and $100 chips. I like the black one :)

In the end, I only won 30 but I don't feel like continue. It's really tiring and dramatic, experience that winning and losing within only 2 hours.
Anyway, little advices to all of you. Gamble is fun, but remember that you might lose big. This is the fact and always prepare for that before going to gamble. Play big if you treat it as donation.

Finally.. First.. Fresh..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My blog is officially released here today!!
Erm.. Only me declare it officially..

It's Sunday - free and lazy day. And it's also kinda annoying me.
Many shops are closed. If you want to go eat or buy something, there is not much choices for you.
Yup. There are still some places but I don't want to go alone.
Calling my friends - most of them lazy to go out. So end up I went to have my lunch alone.

Gone to a place call Han's Cafe in Victoria Park. Walking distance approximately 16 - 20 mins.
But I used bus..
I've been to Han's twice. This 1 is smaller and simple compare to the 1 I went the first time which looks luxury.

Ambient of Han's Cafe. The actual size of the restaurant is 2 times the space you can see in the pic.

I ordered Chicken Seafood with Basil (something like that, I can't remember >.<).

And a Lemon, Lime and Bitters.
I thought it would be served in glass.

The rice was still ok for me. And for the drink, I can hardly explain what it tasted like. Maybe it's sour or mayb bitter, the moment i drank it's like eating a chilli and it irritated my tongue.
But it's not spicy.

By the way, there are still some restaurants in Vic Park I never been there.
Will go explore some days.